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Our optical dispensary has over 200 styles of frames to choose from. Each one comes in a variety of colors and many of them in multiple sizes. We aggressively seek out the most stylish, most popular and cost effective designer names to have available for you to look at the day of your exam! We try very hard to keep the selection up to date and fashionable but at the same time keeping in mind your out of pocket expense. When you make an appointment with us you will be able to choose from names such as:  Koali, Lightec, Nomad, Modo, Shaq, Callaway, Bebe and many more!

Our office can fit you with sports frames and safety eyewear. We are an authorized dealer for Wiley X eyewear. Wiley X has been in business for over a quarter of a century! They provide occupational/recreational eyewear that is unlike any other. From safety frames that are fashionable, fun and extremely comfortable to providing glasses for Nascar drivers and the US Military, Wiley X has you covered.

We also offer blue light filtering lenses to protect your eyes on the computer and all of your "smart" devices. Blue light has been proven to speed up the aging process in the eyes, causing early onset cataracts and macular degeneration. This type of light is a safety issue for all of us! We can offer you lens materials that filter some of the bad blue spectrum of light and also a coating that does the same. Even if you don't need a prescription to see better, your eyes should always be protected!

We are extremely proud to be able to provide our patients with the Autograph line of digital lenses, from Shamir. Digital lenses provide the clearest and most precise vision that is technologically possible. Digital lenses are available for single vision and no-line progressive lens wearers. Current glasses wearers will love the clarity difference between a traditional lens and a digital lens.

We are also able to provide specialty lenses for specific sports or occupations, such as; specialty bifocals for golfers or quadrafocals for patients whose job requires them to read and work above their head in addition to normal reading. If your job requires you to sit at a computer for long periods of time, we can fit you with special "computer" lenses to help ease eyestrain and fatigue.

We also offers a line of customized sunclips called Chemistrie.  Our labs can customize a sunclip to fit any size or style of frame no matter what your prescription. There are many colors to choose from with mirror or non-mirror finishes and for the ladies you may even select your favorite color of rhinestone for a little extra bling!

Call us today to make your appointment for good eye health and a stylish, new look!

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